For the last time, Avanties, Mattatarms, Virsica, and Zerotio gather around the hearth to discuss our favorite moments, decks, cards and more from the last 6.5 years of Hearthstone Podcasting.

News and Discussion

  • House Keeping: New Hearthstone Expansion being announced this Tuesday March 15th, a new World of Warcraft expansion being announced on April 19th and a new Warcraft mobile title in May.
  • Discuss our favorite moments of the last 6.5 years while we are playing our favorite decks from the last 6.5 years.


  • ###Inner Fire Priest


  • ### Ra Warlock


  • ###Even Warlock


  • ### Cubelock


  • ###Admirable Zoo


  •  ###Languagehacker Shudderwock


  • ###Luna Quest Rogue


  • ###Blade of C’thun Rogue


  • ###Show Built Shaman


  • ###Virsica Charge Hunter


  • ### Handlock (Avanties)


  • ### Force Roar Druid


Thank You to everyone who made this show possible and to all our listeners and viewers for an amazing time, we love you all and we will see you in our discord or in game. AND DON’T FORGET TO USE YOUR HERO POWER!

This week we celebrate 5 years of Hearthstone podcasting with this special episode of Hero Power, former hosts Virsica and Mattatarms rejoin us to discuss the announcement of Madness at the Darkmoon Faire and walk down memory lane. We also have a few surprise along the way and we are excited to announce the new Hero Power Merch Shop!

News and Discussion

  • Reminder of the $20 give-away for reviews @
    • Shoutouts to: NayrASavage, SmokeMeowtt, ForrestBates, and Grommok for leaving reviews.
  • Virsica comments on some things brought up in the last episode about the Tournament scene.
  • Upon coming back, Virsica thoughts on the current meta. Discuss what would like to see in the next set/next year.
  • BoarControl joins Blizzard on Final Design Team
  • Fall Reveal Stream (Oct 22nd)
    • New Game Mode – Duels: Early Access Oct 22nd
    • New Progression System: Goes live Nov 12th
    • New Set – Madness at the Darkmoon Faire: Nov 17th Release
  • New Game Mode: Duels
    • PvP “Dungeon Run” Style gameplay
    • Choose a Hero, Hero Power and Treasure to start a run
    • Build a 16 Card Deck, with no duplicates.
    • Play versus other plays, gaining HP, Treasures and additional cards between games
    • Play until 12 Wins or 3 Losses
    • Normal Mode is free and gives no rewards, but gains a rating for good runs
    • Heroic Run (Not available yet) will cost gold and give rewards similar to Arena, and gains rating for good runs
  • New Progression System
    • Battle Pass System, to replace daily quests
    • Progression System will have Daily and Weekly Quests, as well as Event Quests and Achievements
    • Finishing Quests will reward “Exp” to gain Battle Pass Progression, which give rewards like Gold, Packs and Cosmetics
    • There is a Free Progression and a paid “Battle Pass” Progression
  • Madness at the Darkmoon Faire
    • Old Gods and Darkmoon Faire Inspired Set
    • New Mechanic – Corrupt: Effect if you play a card higher costed, while in hand
  • Patch 18-6: LIVE!
    • Balance Changes
    • New Card: Silas Darkmoon
    • Hearthstone Duels: Early Access
    • Battlegrounds: New Hero – Zephrys
    • Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Pre-Order Available (Grants “Early Access”)
  • Masters Tour: Madrid
    • Top 8: J4YOU (1) def MM78 (8), iGXc (2) def Hi3 (7), Gaby (6) def GivePLZ (3), Alutemu (5) def Batupaksoy (4)
    • Top 4: iGXC (2) def Gaby (6), Alutemu (5) def J4YOU (1)
    • Finals: iGXc (2) def Alutemu (5)
    • Grandmaster Promotion:*
  • Reflection on 5 years of Hero Power. What were your favorite moments on the show? Most memorable guests? Tournament moments?
  • Announcement of the launch of the Hero Power Merch Store @

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This week Avanties and Zerotio talk about the first month of the Scholomance Academy meta, and then we take a look at week 3 of Grandmasters.

Zerotio gets giddy because he finally gets to play Pure Libram Paladin live on the show.

News and Discussion

  • ETC Last GM Season, per Tweet
    • Discussion: Thoughts on ETC as a GM
  • Grandmasters – Week 3: Swiss Round (Specialist)
    • APAC:
      • Top 8: Ryvius (Ro), Tom60229 (Wlk), Che0nsu (Ro), Glory (Dr), Alan870806 (Pr), Blitzchung (Ma), Bankyugi (Ma), DawN (Ro)
      • Semi-Finals: Blitzchung (Ma) def Che0nsu (Ro) [2-0], DawN (Ro) def Glory (Dr) [2-0]
      • Finals: DawN (Ro) def Blitzchung (Ma) [2-1]
    • EU:
      • Top 8: Silvername (Pr), Thijs (Dr), Seiko (Pr), Jarla (Ma), BoarControl (Pr), Casie (Dr), Warma (Pr), Viper (Wlk)
      • Semi-Finals: Viper (Wlk) def Thijs (Dr) [2-0], Seiko (Pr) def Casie (Dr) [2-1]
      • Finals: Viper (Wlk) def Seiko (Pr) [2-1]
    • Americas:
      • Top 8: KIllinallday (Ma), Muzzy (Pr), ETC (Dr), NoHandsGamer (Pr), Eddie (Ma), Monsanto (Pr), Bloodyface (Pr), Justsaiyan (Dr)
      • Semi-Finals: Killinallday (Ma) def Justsaiyan (Dr) [2-0], Eddie (Ma) def NoHandsGamer (Pr) [2-1]
      • Finals: Killinallday (Ma) Vs Eddie (Ma) – Eddie wins 2-1
      • Killinallday qualifies for Div A, along with rest of Top 4. Fr0zen gets bumped to Div B
  • Discussion Topic: First Month of Scholomance Meta, what are our thoughts on the set?
  • Tavern Brawl: Top 3
    • Let’s mix it up a bit, shall we? Pick three cards and we’ll make you a deck with ten copies of each card.

[First Day of School] x 2
[Aldor Attendant] x 2
[Argent Braggart] x 2
[Hand of A’dal] x 2
[Libram of Wisdom] x 2
[Murgur Murgurgle] x 1
[Goody Two-Shields] x 2
[Consecration] x 2
[High Abbess Alura] x 1
[Lightforged Zealot] x 2
[Aldor Truthseeker] x 2
[Blessing of Authority] x 2
[Libram of Justice] x 2
[Devout Pupil] x 2
[Lady Liadrin] x 1
[Lightforged Crusader] x 1
[Libram of Hope] x 2

If you would like to build this deck in Hearthstone you can copy the following string of code to your clipboard and then open My Collection and select New Deck, you will then be prompted if you wish to create the deck saved to your clipboard, just click yes.

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This week Avanties and Zerotio are breaking down the new patch and Felfire Festival event. We also take a look at the top 16 of Grand Masters Jonkoping.

During the play portion we check out the new changes to Battlegrounds.

News and Discussion

  • Felfire Festival of Music and VENGEANCE!
    • June 9: Battlegrounds Updates
    • June 17: Trial By Felfire Story Adventure (Solo Content)
    • June 24: Trial By Felfire Challenges
    • June 24: Return of the Burndown Tavern Brawl
    • July 1: The Rumbledome Tavern Brawl
    • Legendary Quest Line: June 17, June 24 & July 1
  • Patch 17.4: LIVE on June 9
    • 3 New Battlegrounds Heroes
    • 1 Reworked Hero (Patches)
    • New Minion Type: Pirates
    • 17 New Minions Added
    • Professor Putricide (Hero) and Holy Mackerel (Minion) Removed
    • Lightforge Enforcer updated to include Pirates
    • BG Matches will only include 5 Minion Types, displayed at Hero Selection
    • June 16: Aranna Starseeker join BGs (June 30 for Non-Perk Players)
  • Masters Tour: Jonkoping
    • Top 8: Pignas vs Monsanto, DikiyZver (Wild Animal) vs DeadDraw, Rami94 vs Habugabu, WEStone vs Warma
    • Top 4: DeadDraw vs Pignas, Rami94 vs Warma
    • Finals: Warma vs Pignas
      • Game 1: Warma (DH) vs Pignas (DH) – Warma Wins
        Game 2: Warma (Rogue) vs Pignas (Druid) – Warma Wins
        Game 3: Warma (Druid) vs Pignas (DH) – Pignas Wins
        Game 4: Warma (Druid) vs Pignas (Druid) – Warma Wins
    • Highlights: Italian Pignas (pin-yas) would have made GM with a win, DeadDraw’s 3rd Top 8 or better at a MT 4th, 4th, 5th, so close to GM but back to the drawing board, Ay’roc makes GM if Warma wins.  3 French Masters Tour Winners, xBlyzes back to back and Warma.
  • New Grandmasters confirmed after MT Jonkoping:
    NA: NoHandsGamer, Brimful, Rami
    EU: Warma, Ay’Rok, xBlyzes
    APAC: Alan870806, bankyugi, TIZS
  • Tavern Brawl: Captain Blackheart’s TreasureThe Captain left treasure for EVERYONE, but mostly for you! Each turn, open a chest of three random cards and choose one to put in your hand!

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This week Avanties and Zerotio discuss the dismissal of the Specialist format and the re-introduction of a modified Conquest.

Plus during the play portion we quickly touch on each of the announced cards from the stream dump.

News and Discussion

  • A Remixed Format and More for Grandmasters
    • Retiring Specialist and replacing it with Bo3 Conquest featuring a Shield Phase.
      • What is a Shield Phase and how does it work?
    • Quality of Life changes coming to Grandmasters Season 2
    • No changes to Masters Tour, but it will be monitored
  • Saviors of Uldum: Release 8/6
    • Theory Crafting Streams: Blizzard allowed select streamers to get early access to Saviors of Uldum and to Theory Craft new decks
    • A few streamers were even brought to Blizzard HQ in CA and Paris, to stream and get developer interviews
    • Discussion: As a player/viewer, do we like this?

If you have any questions about this deck or questions about Hearthstone in general you can email us at: or use the Contact Us form on this site and we will answer them on the next show.