If you love Hearthstone then you already know there are guides available for every aspect of the game. Luckily for you, this isn’t one of them. This is more of a checklist to help you navigate each turn. I originally had a fancy, wordy intro but I realized that wasn’t my style. I like to keep things simple, so let’s jump right in.


  • First off remember, slow…. down. You don’t have to rope every turn but try to be calm and patient.
  • Always be counting…EVERYTHING. Count, hand size, deck size, minions, and damage for you as well as your opponent. The other player could be trying to mill your cards, MCT one of your minions, or set up for a blood lust turn. Or You might walk right into a board clear, miss lethal, or miss count mana for a combo. Remember count, count, count.
  • Once the mulligan phase is underway you need to watch what cards are kept and where the coin is for at least 4 turns. This can provide you with valuable information. Watching what cards the opponent hovers over on different turns and seeing what cards they seem to be saving gives you an idea of what to play (or not play).
  • What’s my plan? That’s the first question I ask myself. Based on what you see and the meta, you need to determine what deck your opponent is playing and if it is aggro, mid, or control. Then you can formulate a plan that gets you to your win condition. This plan can change throughout the game. Example Vs aggro: survive until turn 5>take back board>set up lethal.
  • What are ALL my options? Take your time to double check all your plays and combos. Make sure you count the mana correctly. You could end up one mana short and lose the game on the spot. Evaluate all your options!
  • Once you think you have the play ask yourself on last question. If I do “x” what’s the worst that my opponent calls do the next turn, and will I survive. If the answer is yes, then Your golden. End your turn and start counting..EVERYTHING….AGAIN!
  • At this point you start with the first question, what’s my plan. Repeat question 2, and 3 as well. That’s really it. I am constantly learning new things and working them into my turn by turn play as should you. I hope this helps everyone as much as it did me.

At this point you start over with the first question, “what’s my plan?”. Repeat questions 2 and 3 as well. That’s really it.

Simply put,

  • Sow down
  • Always Be Counting Everything (ABCE)
  • Mulligan phase, first four turns + coin
  1. What is my plan?
  2. What are ALL my options?
  3. If I pick “X” what is the worst that can happen, and will I survive it?

I am constantly learning new things and working them into my turn by turn checklist as should you. I hope this helps everyone as much as it did me. If you have and questions or additional steps I would love to hear what you came up with. Good luck out there!

-Scott aka StrayDog


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