This week we look at the 24 hours since the release of Rise of Shadows and discuss what we have seen and what we are excited about. We then take a look at the next few classes and review the cards for Paladin, Priest, Rogue, and Shaman.

News and Discussion

  • Rise of Shadows: Release 4/9
    • First ever simultaneous, world-wide release
    • Legendary Launch Quests: Daily Quests, rewarding Year of the Dragon Packs
    • Shadow Bundle Available: $9.99 for 9 Rise of Shadow Packs and an Arena Ticket
    • Discussion: First Impressions, after 24 hrs of new Set
  • Tavern Brawl: Standard Brawliseum
    • Description: Welcome back, gladiator! Build a deck for Standard format this time and compete for glorious prizes.

Deck Analysis
Rise of Shadows Review: Paladin, Priest, Rogue and Shaman

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We’re building a Wall, and making Druids pay for it!

This week we somberly discuss the recent Activision/Blizzard layoffs as a lot of friends have recent lost their jobs.  We also discuss the Season of Rastakhan starting today.

During the play portion of the show we check out a Wall Priest deck from @Dekkstergaming. Read More →

In case you might have missed our last episode we will be taking a few weeks off for the holidays to spend with our friends and family.  However that does not mean we won’t have any new content coming out, by now Rastakhan’s Rumble has been out for a few weeks, before the release however we recorded a series of videos with our reviews of the class cards and released them to our patrons.  Now we are going to be releasing those to everyone over the next few weeks.  We hope you enjoy and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday’s, and Happy New Year!

Part 3 of our Rastakhan’s Rumble features Zerotio and Virsica discussing the Priest, Rouge, and Shaman classes.

Let’s get ready to RRRRRRRRUMBLE!!!!!!!!!

This week Avanties, Mattatarms, Virsica, and Zerotio discuss the final Rastakhan’s Rumble live reveal stream, what Gurubashi Arena team are you cheering for, and much more.

During the play portion we check out the Zerek’s Cloning Gallery Priest Seyohun608 played to a championship at DreamHack Atlanta. Read More →


Witchwood Review Part 2

This week we finish up our review of the Witchwood set as we discuss Priest, Warlock, Warrior, and the Neutrals to look out for in this set.  We also discuss the first week of the set and week 1 of season 2 of UHL.

News and Discussion

  • The Witchwood released 4/12
    • Discussion: What decks are you enjoying?
    • Discussion: Is the HS Community overreacting to “OP Decks/Cards”?
    • Discussion: After 6 days, does anything stand-out/surprise you?
  • United Hearthstone League Season 2, Week 1 has started
    • Virsica vs Ziggy: Saturday 4/21 @ 9pm EST
  • Tavern Brawl: Idols of Azeroth
    • Ever draw a spell when you really needed a minion? Never again! Your deck will be 30 Raven Idols, so you’ll be able to discover whatever you need!

Witchwood Review – Part 2

Neutral – Legendary
Neutral – Epic
Neutral – Rare
Neutral – Common

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