In case you might have missed our last episode we will be taking a few weeks off for the holidays to spend with our friends and family.  However that does not mean we won’t have any new content coming out, by now Rastakhan’s Rumble has been out for about a week, before the release however we recorded a series of videos with our reviews of the class cards and released them to our patrons.  Now we are going to be releasing those to everyone over the next few weeks.  We hope you enjoy and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday’s, and Happy New Year!

Part 1 of our Rastakhan’s Rumble features Zerotio and Mattatarms discussing the Druid, Mage, and Paladin classes.


The Four Horseman of Hero Power!

This week we celebrate doing this show 150 times and discuss the HGG results, Con Before the Storm, and a new Tavern Brawl.

During the play portion we check out an OTK Paladin built by Thijs and played by Zerotio to win an invitation in the Tavern Hero Championships. Read More →


Give’em the Rod…. Johnston

This week on Hero Power we welcome guest host Rod Johnston of the Tier 5 podcast as he fills in for Virsica who is on vacation.  We discuss Virsicas past week in UHL as well as the outcome of the 2017 Hearthstone World Championships.  There might also be some innuendos thrown around.

During the play portion of the show Rod show us a really fun Exodia Paladin deck. Read More →



The first episode of 2018 sees us discussing The Rat Race New Years edition, UHL announces it’s latest round of players for season 1, and more.

During the play portion of the show we check out an aggro paladin courtesy of Zerotio. Read More →


Gettin Wild with Straydog

This week we welcome special guest @StraydogHS to talk about a system he has developed for maximizing your turns, we also have a release date for Kobolds & Catacombs and we take a look at some of our favorite announced cards from this week.

During the play portion we put Straydogs system to the test as we play Dude Paladin in Wild. Read More →