This week Avanties and Zerotio discuss the dismissal of the Specialist format and the re-introduction of a modified Conquest.

Plus during the play portion we quickly touch on each of the announced cards from the stream dump.

News and Discussion

  • A Remixed Format and More for Grandmasters
    • Retiring Specialist and replacing it with Bo3 Conquest featuring a Shield Phase.
      • What is a Shield Phase and how does it work?
    • Quality of Life changes coming to Grandmasters Season 2
    • No changes to Masters Tour, but it will be monitored
  • Saviors of Uldum: Release 8/6
    • Theory Crafting Streams: Blizzard allowed select streamers to get early access to Saviors of Uldum and to Theory Craft new decks
    • A few streamers were even brought to Blizzard HQ in CA and Paris, to stream and get developer interviews
    • Discussion: As a player/viewer, do we like this?

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Mageadeath!Rattle Hunter

This week we welcome special guest Mageadeath as we discuss the recent Meta polarization article from Vicious Syndicate, Chinese Taipei being eliminated form the HGG, Twitch Rivals, and much much more.

During the play portion we check out an awesome DeathRattle Hunter from Mageadeath.

News and Discussion

    • Tom60229 Statement
      • TLDR: A lot of accusations towards certain players (not just Taiwanese players) were made. The whole competitive system is criticized. Apologies to fans and to Esports industry, but probably nothing will change.
  • Art of Hearthstone Book available at Blizzcon and Blizzard Shop
    • Standard Edition priced at US $45, and a Limited Edition priced at US $125
  • Blizzcon goodies announced for Hearthstone
    • Get in here bundle
    • Star Aligner cardback
  • Twitch Rivals: Gold Rush Challenge
    • Streamers start new account and stream all progress
    • Unlock all classes and get to 10
    • First person to 5000 gold wins $15,000
  • Tavern Brawl: Boss Battle Royale 2!
    • The bosses are back and they brought some new friends! Find out who’s the new champion – choose a class and we’ll give you a corresponding dungeon boss to play!
      • NEW: Druid: King Togwaggle – Hero Power (3): Find a Treasure!
      • Hunter: Skelesaurus Hex – Hero Power (0): Give each player a random card. It costs (0).
      • Mage: Curator – Hero Power (Passive): Your hero has Taunt.
      • Paladin: White King – Hero Power (2): Discover a chess piece.
      • Priest: Professor Putricide – Hero Power (Passive): All Secrets cost (0).
      • Rogue: Grobbulus – Hero Power (2): Deal 1 damage to all minions. If any die, summon a slime.
      • Shaman: Lady Naz’Jar – Hero Power (End of Your Turn): At the end of your turn, replace all minions with new ones that cost (1) more.
      • NERFED: Warlock: Sindragosa – Hero Power (2): Deal 2 damage.
      • Warrior: Coren Direbrew (Grim Guzzler) – Hero Power (0): Put a minion from each deck into the battlefield.

[Candleshot] x 2
[Hunter’s Mark] x 2
[Play Dead] x 2
[Tracking] x 2
[Prince Keleseth] x 1
[Devilsaur Egg] x 2
[Gluttonous Ooze] x 1
[Spider Bomb] x 2
[Terrorscale Stalker] x 2
[Flanking Strike] x 2
[Houndmaster Shaw] x 1
[Saronite Chain Gang] x 1
[Carnivorous Cube] x 2
[Witchwood Grizzly] x 2
[Zilliax] x 1
[Deathstalker Rexxar] x 1
[Mossy Horror] x 1
[Savannah Highmane] x 1
[Kathrena Winterwisp] x 1
[King Krush] x 1

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It’s time to…. PARTY, INSECTS!

This week we discuss the recent Q&A with Ben Brode and Mike Donais, new expansion speculations, wild making the return to Blizzard store, and the Midsummer Fire Festival.

During the play portion of the show we check out a fun Token Shaman deck. Read More →