Mecha’thun Up the Band 2.0

This week we discuss whether or not Even and Odd have adversely affected the Standard and Wild meta, the discuss the EU Winter Playoffs, and look ahead to the NA Winter Playoffs.

During the play portion we check out one of the decks Languagehacker is bringing to NA Winter Playoffs, Mecha’thun Warlock. Read More →

Revenge of the Nerfs

This week we discuss the balance changes a week in, Dreamhack Austin line up for this weekend, the upcoming HCT Season 1 Championships, and much more.

During the play portion of the show we check out a fun Even Warlock from Red Knight. Read More →


Put Your Faith in N’Zoth

This week we cover a lot of announcements made including Twitch Prime, the October ranked card back, the aftermath of the Patch 6.1.3 nerfs, HCT Summer Championships and more.

During the play portion with the recent nerf to Yogg we put our faith in N’Zoth. Read More →