I know, I know, the title of the article is far from original, but I like it just the same. One of the things we love to do here at Hero Power is to see the decks you are playing. We REALLY LOVE it when you send them to us and ask us to look over them! The deck below was submitted by one of our listeners.

The Decklist

As per my usual, I spent some time playing it “as is” in both Read More →

The phrase “Know thy Enemy” was drilled into my head while studying both Kung Fu and Aikido. I found the study of my opponents in Tae Kwon Do to be very useful in point sparring and also in Fencing. The general tendencies of virtually any fighter can be derived by easily noticed things such as the martial art they practice, height, weight, age, etc. If you want be be an effective fighter when you reach the more advanced ranks you have to Read More →


Malygos Druid

This week on Hero Power we discuss our arena challenges from last week, the Americas Summer Championships, and changes to Battle.net.

During the play portion of the show we check out HotMEOWTH’s Malygos Druid…… and have no where near the success he did!  lol Read More →


As I am finishing up watching this weekend’s Summer HCT NA Championship, I find myself asking if this weekend satisfied my thirst for competitive Hearthstone. I was startled by my revelation that I really don’t know. While there were some very well played games, and I love seeing the influence that the Kara adventure is already having on the tournament meta, I am still seeing great play and strategy at risk of being completely undone and overshadowed by RNG. I actually found the Batstone event to more entertaining and though invoking.

After the Grand Finals today, I took to Twitter to see what was being said about today’s final matches. While some tweets were congratulatory of the participants, I found that far more people were complaining about the state of the game. Most of the comments revolved around Hearthstone not being able to Read More →


Ben of the Ancient One

This week on Hero Power we have Sam Benson (@Ben_Samson on twitter) of the KU Gaming Community and Innkeeper for Lawrence Kansas to talk about Innkeeping, TESPA, and his work with TempoStorms YouTube page.

During the play portion of the show Sam shows us a really fun Blood of the Ancient One Rogue deck. Read More →