Once Upon a Dreamhack with FRID!

It’s turkey week in the US and Avanties, Virsica, and Zerotio welcome special guest FRID from HearthCoach to the show.  They discuss FRIDs top 32 finish at the Dreamhack Atlanta Grand Prix as well as the Rastakhan’s Rumble live stream.

During the play portion Coach FRID shows us standard even shaman. Read More →

DreamHack… The largest digital festival in the world.  When we first heard that DreamHack would be coming to Atlanta we at Hero Power got really excited about the prospects of getting to see some of the best Hearthstone action in the world LIVE right in our backyard.  Zerotio, Virsica, and myself started planning almost immediately, how could we make this trip a reality and what can we do to bring exclusive coverage to you, our fans.

We set out this weekend with cameras and recorders in hand and have taken some great shots and some awesome videos that we are going to share with you over the next few days and on this coming weeks episode of Hero Power.  To tide you over I am including a few of those pictures below:

Let us know in the comments what kind of content you would like to see, and stay tuned for more from DreamHack.



Getting our HearthCoach On!

This week on Hero Power we are joined by Dan and FRID from the HearthCoach podcast.  We discuss the expansion announcement, patch, the Winter 2016 Championships, plus we read listener emails, reviews and more.

During the play portion of the show FRID has brought a really fun SMOrc Warrior Deck.

For more about HearthCoach you can find them here: Read More →