Avanties and Zerotio discuss the new set announcement as well as breakdown the new bundles for purchase and discuss a few of the cards revealed so far.

News and Discussion

  • New Set: Saviors of Uldum
    • Saviors of Uldum Video Revealed on 7/1
    • August 6th Release Date (Pre-Release Event August 2-5)
    • Return of characters from League of Explorers: Finley, Reno, Brann and Elise
    • New Keyword – Reborn: Minion returns with 1 HP, after first time killed (paladin secret Redemption)
    • Plagues: Expensive and Powerful Spells
    • New Quests: Completing quests give a new Hero Power
  • Patch 14.6: Preparing for Saviors of Uldum
    • Pre-Purchase of Saviors of Uldum
      • $49.99: 50 Packs, Random Golden Legendary, Elise’s Journal Card Back
      • $79.99: 80 Packs, Random Golden Legendary, Elise Starseeker Druid Portrait and Elise’s Journal Card Back
    • Hall of Fame rotation and new cards
    • Updated Card Art for various cards
    • Pilfer Change: Add a random card from another class to your hand.
    • Tavern Brawl Downtime Change: Downtime for Tavern Brawls has been reduced to 1 hour per week. Tavern Brawls will now begin every week on Wednesday at 9:00 AM PDT and end the following Wednesday at 8:00 AM PDT  (times and dates will vary by region)
    • Various Bug Fixes

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Zerotios Control Warrior

This week we have a lot of news to cover including Update 6.2, theories surrounding the new expansion, the HCT changes coming in 2017, World Championship group stages day 1, and much more!

During the play portion of the show Zeortio shows us his Control Warrior deck that he played in the HearthCoach patron tournament this past weekend. Read More →