Hey everyone I received an email from one of our friends of the show and he had wanted to get in on the live discussion we had during episode 25 about the nerfs to the 12 classic cards and due to time constraints we ran long and I did not get to give his great points the attention they deserved during the show so without further ado allow me to present “Deep Thoughts with AC”.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you would like to discuss your thoughts on the Classic Nerfs.

General impressions:

-For the most part, it’s pushing toward a much slower game. Let’s consider… Read More →


Justice is Served

On this episode of Hero Power we have special guest and Eulogy creator AC.  Together we discuss the rumors of a leaked Whispers of the Old Gods release date, Too Many Portals is back at Tavern Brawl, and we take our first look at a few of the newer cards that could affect the meta.

During the play portion of the show AC walks us through the paladin deck recipe Dragons of Justice. Read More →