Hybrid Hunter

This week on Hero Power we discuss the Hearthstone Tournament Watch, Winter Veil is in full swing, the new Tavern Brawl is full of gift giving and gift stealing goodness, and we discuss the meta post League of Explorers and what are our favorite cards out of it.

During the play portion of the show we finally get around to checking out this Hybrid Hunter that is running around in the meta, and it is a lot of fun. Read More →


Fish & Imps

This week on Hero Power we have a special guest host Espo from Legend of the Innkeeper. We discuss the new winter veil themed boards and emotes, we take a look back at GVG on it’s 1 year anniversary, and discuss wing 4 of League of Explorers.

During the play portion of our show we show off Espo’s Fish & Imps Warlock deck. Read More →