Anyfin Can Happen Paladin

This week on Hero Power we hear the whispers in the Tavern and we discuss theory’s, We also talk about brewing some deck recipe’s, and some possible datamined information.  In the Tavern Brawl we see a repeat of an encounter at the crossroads with Randomonium, and as we inch closer to standard formatting we eulogize the Shield Maiden.

During the play portion of the show we analyze the Anyfin Can Happen Paladin deck that won the February Fireside Gathering here in Knoxville. Read More →

With the upcoming changes to Hearthstone, there are more than a few people flaming out on the forums (well anywhere they can complain about it really) that the changes will make it easier to get Legend. They think all the good players will be playing Standard, and because all the good players will be in Standard, the scrubs can make it to Legend on the “Wild Side” (see what I did there?). At the risk of drawing the ire of our listeners, I wanted to put my opinion out there for those players who don’t really know what to think about all this. It’s easy to get caught up in other people’s tirades because they tend to be louder, talk more, and generally be more consistent in pushing their opinion on anyone within earshot. When other people bring up valid points, these individuals attack the person bringing up the points rather than making sound arguments about why they feel the way they do. This blog post is not meant to convert anyone to my way of thinking. Nor does this blog post necessarily represent the feelings of my co-hosts. This blog post is being written for players who are caught up in the Read More →


Starseekin Lock & Load Hunter

This week on Hero Power we have a special guest, Mattatarms from the Tadpool Hearthstone group.  We discuss some breaking news about Firebat, the new Dreamhack lineup, and 5 easy things you can do to prepare for Standard. Read More →

I know the Naxx and GvG cards are leaving the meta, and since when is anyone and everyone’s guess, so I am finding it hard to put them in any decks I am considering for next month’s climb up the ladder. The more I started looking, the more I realized I am really only going to miss a few cards. Hard to believe it, but I could only think of a dozen, give or take, that I considered for most decks. I took a look at the neutral cards that have made a huge impact on the meta and tried to replace them with cards available now. The meta is still very different from where it was before these cards made their way on to the scene, but are the other adventures and expansion able step up to take the spots vacated by these powerhouses or will it fall to the classic cards to step back in and resume their old roles? While we watch the ill fated Naxx and GvG cards ride off into the sunset, well more like shamble off into the wild (see what I did there), let’s take a look at the hopeful few looking to reclaim former glory or a shot at the top spot for the first time.

[Loatheb] – Hands down the card I will miss most. As I said on last night’s show Read More →


The Miracle Returns

This week on Hero Power we discuss The Cursed Trials event and the 2016 Americas Winter Preliminary event. Hearthstone announces a new release cycle, Ben Brode has taken to streaming, and a new Standard Eulogy.

This week we discuss the re-emergence of Miracle Rogue.  Read More →