On this episode of Hero Power we welcome special guest and DreamHack Austin Top 8 finisher and only player to go 9-0 in Swiss LanguageHacker.

During the play portion we check out a Malygos Druid LanguageHacker used to get top 100 legend in May. Read More →

Revenge of the Nerfs

This week we discuss the balance changes a week in, Dreamhack Austin line up for this weekend, the upcoming HCT Season 1 Championships, and much more.

During the play portion of the show we check out a fun Even Warlock from Red Knight. Read More →

Lets try this again!

WE ARE BACK!  Surgeries and Hospital visits can’t keep us down for long, so this week we get back into the swing of things with lots of talk about including BlizzCon Tickets, Americas Summer Playoffs, upcoming balance changes and more!

During the play portion we check out Frozen’s Recruit Warrior. Read More →

Bye Bye Brode-y

This week we discuss the big news, Ben Brode announcing he is leaving Blizzard to get back into game design, Chakki joining Team 5, Monster Hunt launching April 26th, and much more.

During the play portion of the show we play a fun Hadronox Taunt Druid.

News and Discussion


  • Con Before the Storm/World of Podcasts Promo


  • Witchwood Monster Hunt Releases Tomorrow!
    • April 26th at 10am PST (1pm EST)
  • Shudderwok and Lifedrinker Animation Changes
    • Shortening Animations of both cards
    • Shudderwok Battlecry list capped at 20
  • Virsica’s UHL Week 2 match vs Loremaster Eve, Friday 9pm eastern
  • Tavern Brawl: A Witchy Recipe
    • Hagatha is mixing up a special brew from her big book of cursed recipes! Choose a class and sample the latest deck recipe concoction!

Draw April Patron Winner – Congratulations Paul Lain (Inkd)

Lesser Jasper Spellstone x 2
Naturalize x 2
Wild Growth x 2
Tar Creeper x 1
Witching Hour x 2
Branching Paths x 2
Ironwood Golem x 2
Oaken Summons x 2
Swipe x 2
Carnivorous Cube x 2
Harrison Jones x 1
Nourish x 2
Rotten Applebaum x 2
Primordial Drake x 2
The Lich King x 1
Hadronox x 1
Master Oakheart x 1
Ultimate Infestation x 1

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