Who let Reno in the Zoo?

This week we talk about the recent announcement about HCT Winter Championships in the Bahama’s, Ben Brode’s recent announcement of a Live Q&A, and talk about what cards we would like to see rotate out of the Classic set and only be available in Wild.

During the live play portion of the show we check out Fenoms Reno Zoolock. Read More →

Shhh!  We have a secret Paladin.

It’s 2017 that means it is time for the first Hero Power Patron give-away!  We also take a look back at the 2 sets and 1 adventure we got in 2016 and what last year did for Hearthstone ESports.

During the play portion we check out a really fun updated standard Secret Paladin that was theorycrafted in our Patron Discord server. Read More →

Tyrande, Queen of Dragons!

This week on Hero Power Avanties, Virsica, and Zerotio discuss the meta a month after the release of Gadgetzan as well as the Gang Wars Invitational tournament that is currently going on.

During the play portion of the show we check out the popular Dragon Priest decklist. Read More →

We had an extra 1600 dust laying around!

This week we welcome Spivey and Chris from the 1600 Dust podcast onto the show as we discuss how they got into Hearthstone podcasts and their thoughts on the current aggro meta.

During the play portion of the show we play not 1 but 2 aggro decks: Aggro Shaman, and Pirate Warrior. Read More →