The Dude7597 Abides

This week on Hero Power we are excited to have special guest and America’s Summer Championship Qualifier Dude7597.  We discuss his awesome run through the summer prelims as well as his decision to bring freeze mage against a field that was heavily druid based.  We also discuss his thoughts on how Karazhan will affect the meta as he begins to prep for the Summer Championships.

During the play portion of the show Dude7597 shows us a Worgen OTK Warrior deck you may see on the ladder. Read More →

The following “So there I was” post was sent to us by Mattatarms, who is a patron of the show, check out his incredible story below:

Turn 12 against a Token druid. I counted how may spells I had cast….4. My draws had been awful and I had been playing the best slow control game my tempo mage can.

I had no other play. His Druid of the Claw would eventually kill me if I didn’t deal with it or try to equal the board. So I dropped Yogg. Read More →


Espo has a Secret

This week on Hero Power fresh from his trip to Summer Preliminaries in Knoxville we have Espo.  We discuss with him the America’s Summer Preliminary and this week’s Tavern Brawl.

During the play portion of the show we check out a Secret Hunter brought by Espo. Read More →


Ben of the Ancient One

This week on Hero Power we have Sam Benson (@Ben_Samson on twitter) of the KU Gaming Community and Innkeeper for Lawrence Kansas to talk about Innkeeping, TESPA, and his work with TempoStorms YouTube page.

During the play portion of the show Sam shows us a really fun Blood of the Ancient One Rogue deck. Read More →



This week on Hero Power we have special guest Jon Oh to discuss collegiate Hearthstone and explain what exactly is TESPA.  We also take a look at the overview of One Night in Karazhan and discuss some of our favorite cards.

During the play portion of the show Jon shares with us a really fun Reno C’Thun Warlock. Read More →