Witchwood Review Part 1

This week on Hero Power we discuss the Geico Hearthstone Showdown, the final reveal stream, and the recent update 11.0.  During what would normally be our play portion we break down and look at 6 of the classes revealed cards.

News and Discussion

  • PAX East – Geico Hearthstone Showdown
    • Winner: Amnesiac def Steve (YoItsFlo)
  • Witchwood Release Date: April 12th (Tomorrow!!!)
    • Last day to purchase pre-order is TODAY, 4/11
  • Final Reveal Stream with Ben Brode and Day9
    • New “Friendly Challenge Deck Sharing” feature teased during stream.
    • Discussion: Who makes the best duo for the reveal stream, and why is it Ben and Day9?
  • Update 11.0 – Enter The Witchwood – Went Live 4/10
    • Updated files for upcoming The Witchwood release on 4/12
    • Friendly Challenge Deck Sharing now LIVE!
    • Change to Stealth functionality. Minions will not break stealth, until they “Attack”
    • Arena Changes
      • Moderately reduced the appearance rates of below average cards.
      • Humongous Razorleaf and Ancient Watcher will no longer appear in Arena drafts.
  • Tweet by @MLStreams
    • Confirmation of roll-out times, by Blizzard via “Blue Post” on the Hearthstone Forums.
    • Americas Launch Time is 4/12 @ 10am PDT/1pm EDT
  • Tavern Brawl: A Chance Encounter
    • We heard you like random cards! Choose a class and get a randomly filled deck of randomly “random” cards… RANDOM!

Witchwood Review – Part 1

Next Week:

Ultimate Infestation type cards created by StrayDog for other classes in response to his email:

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