This week Avanties and Zerotio discuss the Coin Concede listener series, Grandmasters Season 2 updates, Tombs of Terror and much more!

During the play portion we play the Hunter Quest.

News and Discussion

  • Coin Concede Listener Series: Week 1
    • Zerotio: Personal Experience
    • Zerotio and Mattatarms both take Week 1 wins
    • Plug: Go check out Coin Concede Podcast for further details
  • Grandmasters Season 2: Twitch Drops
    • Random SoU Pack Rewards, during designated times
    • Zerotio: I have rec’d 3 Packs, so far
    • Discussion: Short breakdown on GM Season 2
  • Tombs of Terror: Sept 17th
    • Pre-Purchase: $19.99 US
      • All 5 Adventure Chapters, Card Back, Random SoU Legendary
      • 16 Total Packs in Chapter Rewards
  • Tavern Brawl: League of Explorers: Revived!
    • The League has scattered across the globe. Join Elise in a dungeon crawl to find and reunite the League!

[Springpaw] x 2
[Unseal the Vault] x 1
[Belligerent Gnome] x 2
[Dire Wolf Alpha] x 2
[Knife Juggler] x 2
[Questing Explorer] x 2
[Snake Trap] x 2
[Sunfury Protector] x 1
[Animal Companion] x 2
[Desert Spear] x 1
[SN1P-SN4P] x 1
[Unleash the Hounds] x 2
[Ursatron] x 1
[Bone Wraith] x 2
[Cult Master] x 1
[Halazzi, the Lynx] x 1
[Leeroy Jenkins] x 1
[Zilliax] x 1
[Swarm of Locusts] x 2
[Boommaster Flark] x 1

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