Avanties and Zerotio discuss the new rewards track progression as well as finish out our review of the new set with the final 84 cards.

News and Discussion

  • Rewards Track Refresh: United in Stormwind
    • Rewards including Lady Presetor (Legendary)
    • Diamond Cards:
      • Varian, King of Stormwind: Obtained by purchasing the Tavern Pass
      • Darkbishop Benedictus: Obtained from United in Stormwind Legendary Collector 5/5 Achievement
    • New Cosmetic Coins:
      • The Stormwind Coin: Level 90 on Rewards Track with Tavern Pass
      • The Lordaeron Coin: Collecting 135 Unique United in Stormwind cards
  • Patch 21.0 Notes: Went Live 7/27
    • Battlegrounds Updates:
      • New Hero:
        • Galewing: 0 Cost – Dungar’s Gryphon: Choose a Flightpath. Complete it to get a bonus!
          • Westfall: Passive. In 1 Turn, give your left-most minion +2 Attack.
          • Ironforge: Passive. In 3 turns, Discover a minion of your Tavern Tier.
          • Eastern Plaguelands: Passive. In 5 turns, upgrade your Tavern Tier.

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