This week Avanties and Zerotio discuss the dismissal of the Specialist format and the re-introduction of a modified Conquest.

Plus during the play portion we quickly touch on each of the announced cards from the stream dump.

News and Discussion

  • A Remixed Format and More for Grandmasters
    • Retiring Specialist and replacing it with Bo3 Conquest featuring a Shield Phase.
      • What is a Shield Phase and how does it work?
    • Quality of Life changes coming to Grandmasters Season 2
    • No changes to Masters Tour, but it will be monitored
  • Saviors of Uldum: Release 8/6
    • Theory Crafting Streams: Blizzard allowed select streamers to get early access to Saviors of Uldum and to Theory Craft new decks
    • A few streamers were even brought to Blizzard HQ in CA and Paris, to stream and get developer interviews
    • Discussion: As a player/viewer, do we like this?

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