Mecha’thun Up the Band 2.0

This week we discuss whether or not Even and Odd have adversely affected the Standard and Wild meta, the discuss the EU Winter Playoffs, and look ahead to the NA Winter Playoffs.

During the play portion we check out one of the decks Languagehacker is bringing to NA Winter Playoffs, Mecha’thun Warlock.

News and Discussion


[Glacial Shard]
[Kobold Librarian]
[Mortal Coil]
[The Soularium]
[Wax Elemental]
[Bloodmage Thalnos]
[Cheaty Anklebiter]
[Novice Engineer]
[Acolyte of Pain]
[Gluttonous Ooze]
[Lesser Amethyst Spellstone]
[Lord Godfrey]


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