This week we are excited to welcome Hearthstone Grandmaster Bloodyface to the show, we will be discussing the upcoming Masters Tour Tournament in Las Vegas

During the play portion of the show Bloodyface shows us a conjurer’s calling mage deck with some secret tech.

News and Discussion

  • Introduction: Bloodyface
    • Tell us a bit about yourself (How you’ve been since you were last here.)
    • Discussion: How did it feel to represent NA in the World Championships?
    • Discussion: How has the Grandmasters experience been?
      • Are you happy with how it has been run? If not what do you think Blizzard could do to make it a better experience for the players?
  • Masters Bundle – Available Now!
    • $19.99 US
    • 10 Rise of Shadows and 10 Rastakhan’s Rumble Packs
    • Stolen Thunder Card Back and Thunder King Shaman Hero!
    • Portion of purchase goes to Master Tour Tournament Prizing, up to $250,000 US per Tournament ($750,000 Total)
  • Masters Tour Vegas: June 14-16
    • Event to be streamed in 5 Languages
    • Over 350 Players
    • 12 rounds of Swiss (7 rounds on day 1, Players with 4 or more wins will play through 5 more rounds on day 2.)  Top 8 will play on Day 3.
    • $250,000 US Prize Pool
    • Discussion: Are you excited for Masters Tour Vegas?
      • What class/archetype do you expect to see the most
    • Are you going to Vegas for the Masters Tour?  Here are the official hangouts with other fans:
      • Poolside Gathering, Thursday Night 6/13 7pm-11pm at the LINQ Pool
      • Day 3 Watch Party Sunday 6/16 12pm-5pm at The Book inside the LINQ
  • Dalaran Heist Chapter 5 – Kirin Tor Citadel
    • Final Chapter of Solo Content for Rise of Shadows
    • Twist: 12 Total Bosses
    • Completing 5 Normal Bosses grants 3 Rise of Shadows Packs
    • Completing Normal Mode grants a Golden Classic Pack!
    • Discussion: How has everyone been enjoying the Solo Content?
    • Discussion: Overall impressions of the Solo Content for Rise of Shadows?

[Elemental Evocation] x 2
[Magic Trick] x 2
[Mirror Image] x 2
[Ray of Frost] x 2
[Khadgar] x 1
[Mana Cyclone] x 2
[Sorcerer’s Apprentice] x 2
[Arcane Intellect] x 2
[Banana Buffoon] x 2
[Conjurer’s Calling] x 2
[Frost Nova] x 2
[SN1P-SN4P] x 1
[Stargazer Luna] x 1
[Sandbinder] x 1
[Zilliax] x 1
[Archmage Antonidas] x 1
[Sea Giant] x 2
[Mountain Giant] x 2

If you would like to build this deck in Hearthstone you can copy the following string of code to your clipboard and then open My Collection and select New Deck, you will then be prompted if you wish to create the deck saved to your clipboard, just click yes.

If you have any questions about this deck or questions about Hearthstone in general you can email us at: or use the Contact Us form on this site and we will answer them on the next show.

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