This week we have a TON of news to discuss as Blizzard has announced the next Hearthstone expansion “Rise of Shadows”. We break down what we are expecting as far as new mechanics, bundles, and more.

During the play portion of the show we play a fun WILD Rafaam Hunter from DuwinHS

News and Discussion

  • Rise of Shadows Announced
    • League of EVIL
      • Warlock – Rafaam
      • Rogue – Togwaggle
      • Shaman – Hagatha
      • Priest – Madame Lazul
      • Warrior – Dr. Boom
    • Defenders of Dalaran
      • Mage, Druid, Paladin, Hunter
    • Lackeys – League of EVIL
      • Spare part type minions that have different battlecry effects
      • More will be added in each additional set this year
    • Schemes – League of EVIL
      • Schemes are spells that become more powerful the longer they stay in your hand.
    • Twinspell – Defenders of Dalaran
      • Twinspells are spells that, once cast, create a copy of themselves in your hand to be used whenever you like.
    • Older mechanics are coming back
      • “Forbidden” priest spell revealed
    • 2 Preorders
      • 80 pack bundle with Cardback, Golden Legendary, and Madame Lazul hero portrait for Priest
      • 50 pack bundle with Cardback, and regular Legendary.
      • After release, $10 bundle with 9 packs and an arena ticket
    • April 9th release date – Avanties was right.
    • Reveal Stream 3/25 with Peter Whalen, Cora, and Chris Sierra
  • Patch 13.4 Released
    • Random Cardback option
    • New Deck Builder
      • Impressions
  • Community Rankings Sheet is live, and being updated
  • Roger and Reall banned from Grandmasters Competition in 2019
    • Both were involved in the Chinese Taipei team that was disqualified from HGG
    • Both were involved in win trading in 2018, but were not punished due to internal miscommunication
    • Roger can still compete at World Champs at the end of April  
  • Tavern Brawl: Battle of the Bans
    • Pick four cards. Your Opponent will Ban one of them, Then we’ll make you a deck full of the cards remaining
      • You see 3 cards in their deck and a mystery card.
      • This brawl is wild
      • Jade Idol, Ice Block. Time Out!, Patches, and Whizbang are banned

[Alleycat] x 2
[Candleshot] x 2
[Dire Mole] x 2
[Crackling Razormaw] x 2
[Golakka Crawler] x 2
[Headhunter’s Hatchet] x 2
[Bloodscalp Strategist] x 2
[Tar Creeper] x 2
[Prince Valanar] x 1
[Sludge Belcher] x 1
[Zilliax] x 1
[Arcane Dynamo] x 1
[Deathstalker Rexxar] x 1
[Crushing Walls] x 2
[Spiteful Summoner] x 2
[Medivh, the Guardian] x 1
[Arch-Thief Rafaam] x 1
[Call of the Wild] x 2
[Zul’jin] x 1

If you would like to build this deck in Hearthstone you can copy the following string of code to your clipboard and then open My Collection and select New Deck, you will then be prompted if you wish to create the deck saved to your clipboard, just click yes.

If you have any questions about this deck or questions about Hearthstone in general you can email us at: or use the Contact Us form on this site and we will answer them on the next show.

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