Fish & Imps

This week on Hero Power we have a special guest host Espo from Legend of the Innkeeper. We discuss the new winter veil themed boards and emotes, we take a look back at GVG on it’s 1 year anniversary, and discuss wing 4 of League of Explorers.

During the play portion of our show we show off Espo’s Fish & Imps Warlock deck.

News and Discussion

Murloc Tinyfin x 2
Power Overwhelming x 2
Flame Imp x 2
Murloc Tidecaller x 2
Sir Finley Mrrgglton x 1
Bluegill Warrior x 2
Haunted Creeper x 2
Ironbeak Owl x 2
Knife Juggler x 2
Murloc Tidehunter x 2
Puddlestomper x 2
Coldlight Seer x 2
Imp Gang Boss x 2
Murloc Warleader x 2
Imp-losion x 2
Old Murk-Eye x 1

If you have questions about this deck or Hearthstone in general you can email us at: and we will answer it on the next show.

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