Dragon Priest

This week on Hero Power we discuss the new card backs, the impact Reno is making in the current meta, the seat story cup champion, and Thijs’ Dragon Priest deck.

News and Discussion

Power Word: Shield x 2
Northshire Cleric x 2
Twilight Whelp x 2
Zombie Chow x 2
Shrinkmeister x 1
Wyrmrest Agent x 2
Shadow Word: Death x 2
Velen's Chosen x 2
Dark Cultist x 2
Twilight Guardian x 2
Holy Nova x 2
Azure Drake x 2
[Blackwing Corrupter] x 2
Lightbomb x 1
Cabal Shadow Priest x 2
Dr. Boom x 1
Ysera x 1

If you have questions about the deck or about Herathstone in general you can email us at: and we will answer your question on the next show.

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