The Jade Golem Army Comes!

This week we look at the meta exactly one week post Mean Streets of Gadgetzan and discuss what decks have emerged to the forefront and what we expect to see over time.

During the play portion of the show we take a look at a Shaman Jade Golem deck built by Eloise.

News and Discussion

  • Mean Streets Release
    • Thoughts and Discussion
  • Tavern Brawl: Double Deathrattler Battler
    • Death is not the end… because minions with Deathrattle now rattle twice.

[Lightning Bolt] x 2
[Spirit Claws] x 1
[Bloodmage Thalnos] x 1
[Doomsayer] x 1
[Flametongue Totem] x 2
[Jade Claws] x 2
[Maelstrom Portal] x 2
[Totem Golem] x 2
[Brann Bronzebeard] x 1
[Hex] x 2
[Lightning Storm] x 1
[Mana Tide Totem] x 2
[Jade Lightning] x 2
[Jade Spirit] x 2
[Azure Drake] x 2
[Lotus Agents] x 1
[White Eyes] x 1
[Aya Blackpaw] x 1
[Jade Chieftain] x 2

If you have any questions about this deck or questions about Hearthstone in general you can email us at: or use the Contact Us form on this site and we will answer them on the next show.

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