Mage Reno Great Again

This week on Hero Power Avanties, Virsica, and Zerotio answer listener emails, discuss the release roll out of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, talk about the Celestial Invitational tournament and breakdown the Heroic Tavern Brawl!

During the play portion of the show we play a fun Savijz Reno Mage deck.

News and Discussion

  • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card reveals rolling out through Streamers/YouTubers
    • Grimey Goons cards revealed last week
    • Kabal cards being revealed this week
  • Celestial Invitational – Wild formats. Could this be the start of a new trend of Wild Format tournaments. Is best of 17 a viable tournament format?
  • Tavern Brawl: Heroic Tavern Brawl
    • Make a Standard deck to compete with the best!  Stakes are high, the competition intense.  More wins means more rewards.  Can you make it to 12 wins, or will 3 losses end your run?

[Forbidden Flame] x 1
[Arcane Blast] x 1
[Babbling Book] x 1
[Acidic Swamp Ooze] x 1
[Arcane Explosion] x 1
[Bloodmage Thalnos] x 1
[Cult Sorcerer] x 1
[Doomsayer] x 1
[Frostbolt] x 1
[Jeweled Scarab] x 1
[Acolyte of Pain] x 1
[Arcane Intellect] x 1
[Earthen Ring Farseer] x 1
[Forgotten Torch] x 1
[Ice Block] x 1
[Elise Starseeker] x 1
[Fireball] x 1
[Polymorph] x 1
[Water Elemental] x 1
[Azure Drake] x 1
[Cabalist’s Tome] x 1
[Flame Lance] x 1
[Blizzard] x 1
[Reno Jackson] x 1
[Sylvanas Windrunner] x 1
[Firelands Portal] x 1
[Flamestrike] x 1
[Medivh, the Guardian] x 1
[Alexstrasza] x 1
[Pyroblast] x  1

If you have any questions about this deck or questions about Hearthstone in general you can email us at: or use the Contact Us form on this site and we will answer them on the next show.

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