Oil Rogue

This week on Hero Power we discuss the Grand Finals of the Blizzcon Hearthstone World Championship. We also discuss the new Hearthstone adventure “The League of Explorers”.

News and Discussion

  • Ostkaka (sweden) vs. Hotform (canada) compete in the Grand Finals of Hearthstone World Championship at Blizzcon, the only 2 players to bring Rogue.
  • Hotform – Tempo Mage,  Oil Rogue, Midrange Druid
  • Ostkaka – Freeze Mage, Oil Rogue, Patron Warrior
  • Congrats to Ostkaka on winning the event.
  • The League of Explorers – Adventure
    • Go to Slide Show and Card Discussion
  • Tavern Brawl – Showdown at Blackrock Mountain.  This was the 1st Tavern Brawl, it has been reworked to bring Nafarian more in line with Rag so the fights are not as one sided.

Backstab x 2
Preparation x 2
Deadly Poison x 2
Southsea Deckhand x 1
Blade Flurry x 2
Eviscerate x 2
Sap x 2
Bloodmage Thalnos x 1
Fan of Knives x 2
Big Game Hunter x 1
SI:7 Agent x 2
Tinker's Sharpsword Oil x 2
Piloted Shredder x 2
Violet Teacher x 1
Antique Healbot x 1
Azure Drake x 2
Loatheb x 1
Sprint x 2

If you have any questions about the deck or Hearthstone in general you can email us at: and we will answer your questions on the next show.

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