Our first show on our new day and time and the 2018 World Championships have just ended a few hours ago and HunterAce is the new champion. We also discuss the recent Blizzard Forum Q&A and more.

During the play portion we play the champs Summoner Mage deck.

News and Discussion

  • Thoughts on Worlds?
  • Favorite matches of the weekend:
    • Patrick:
      • Languagehacker vs Muzzy
      • Hunterace reverse sweep vs A86350
    • Mattatarms
      • Viper vs Roger
      • Languagehacker vs Killinallday
    • Zerotio
      • Bunnyhoppor Vs Viper
      • Bloodyface Vs Roger
  • Blizzard Forum Q&A
    • New Classic cards to replace Hall of fame cards are done internally, Will be released before next expansion.
    • Zilliax is fine
    • Archivist is being monitored
    • Dr. Boom Hero:
      • “We don’t think that Dr. Boom feels inherently bad to play against and it doesn’t seem like a huge balance outlier right now, so we’re going to let things develop before we make a call on card changes. – Peter Whalen”
  • Tavern Brawl: Hall of Champions
    • Which legendary Champions’ decks grace these hallowed halls?  Let’s find out!

[Acidic Swamp Ooze] x 2
[Book of Specters] x 2
[Firetree Witchdoctor] x 2
[Khadgar] x 1
[Sunfury Protector] x 2
[Conjurer’s Calling] x 2
[Hench-Clan Sneak] x 1
[Mind Control Tech] x 2
[Voodoo Doll] x 2
[Scaleworm] x 2
[Twilight Drake] x 2
[Dragonmaw Scorcher] x 1
[Zilliax] x 1
[Mossy Horror] x 1
[Astromancer] x 1
[Rabble Bouncer] x 2
[Alexstrasza] x 1
[Kalecgos] x 1
[Mountain Giant] x 2

If you would like to build this deck in Hearthstone you can copy the following string of code to your clipboard and then open My Collection and select New Deck, you will then be prompted if you wish to create the deck saved to your clipboard, just click yes.

If you have any questions about this deck or questions about Hearthstone in general you can email us at: HeroPowerPodcast@gmail.com or use the Contact Us form on this site and we will answer them on the next show.

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