This week on Hero Power Avanties and Zerotio take a look at the first week after release of Fractured in Alterac Valley. What decks are we playing, what are we seeing, and what if anything may already be busted and need of correction?

During the play portion we check out an updated version of Handbuff Paladin.

News and Discussion

Irondeep Trogg x 2
Knight of Anointment x 2
Prismatic Jewel Kit x 1
Righteous Protector x 2
Hand of A’dal x 2
Murgur Murgurgle x 1
Noble Mount x 2
Ram Commander x 2
Alliance Bannerman x 2
Goody Two-Shields x 2
Hold the Bridge x 2
Saidan the Scarlet x 1
Stonehearth Vindicator x 2
Blademaster Samuro x 1
Cariel Roame x 1
Sunwing Squawker x 2
Blessing of Authority x 1
Battleground Battlemaster x 1
Lightforged Cariel x 1

If you would like to build this deck in Hearthstone you can copy the following string of code to your clipboard and then open My Collection and select New Deck, you will then be prompted if you wish to create the deck saved to your clipboard, just click yes. AAECAYfcBAj8uAO/0QP76AOR7AOq+APH+QPgiwTquAQLysEDytEDzOsD8PYDjfgDtoAEoY0EyaAE4aQE9KQE+aQEAA==

If you have any questions about this deck or questions about Hearthstone in general you can email us at: HeroPowerPodcast@gmail.com or use the Contact Us form on this site and we will answer them on the next show.

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