Bundle Up!

This week was a busy week in the Hearthstone universe, we discuss the new Ben Brode Designer Insight video about Ranked Ladder Changes, upcoming balance changes, the year of the mammoth pack event and much more!

During the play portion of the show we check out a Spiteful Summoner Druid deck from our friend Wickedgood.  To read his guide on how to play this deck please click here!

News and Discussion

  • Rank Ladder Changes: Including Designer Insight by Ben Brode
    • At start of season, your starting Rank will be 4 Ranks lower than previous season
    • All Ranks have 5 Stars
    • 5 Rank Wins will reward Rank Chest Reward, including Card Back
  • Ben Brode Tweets Correction to new Rank Ladder System
    • New Rank will be based off HIGHEST RANK OBTAINED in previous season, not rank at the end of the season
  • Year of the Mammoth Pack Event
    • Quest for Packs Event: Complete quests from Feb 1-14 to be entered into drawing for prizes
    • Mammoth Card Bundle: 10 Packs of Un’Goro, KFT and K&C for $19.99
    • Patch on Feb 1st “rumored” to include Balance Changes
  • Upcoming Balance Changes – Update 10.2
    • Discussion: Were the changes to cards going to Wild needed?
    • Discussion: Will these changes improve the Meta?
  • Tavern Brawl: UnidentifiaBrawl
    • After a very successful dungeon run your bags are overflowing with Unidentified Loot! Take a random deck into battle and identify those items!

[Enchanted Raven] x 2
[Glacial Shard] x 2
[Patches the Pirate] x 1
[Prince Keleseth] x 1
[Greedy Sprite] x 2
[Southsea Captain] x 2
[Tar Creeper] x 2
[Mire Keeper] x 2
[Saronite Chain Gang] x 2
[Spellbreaker] x 1
[Cobalt Scalebane] x 1
[Leeroy Jenkins] x 1
[Spiteful Summoner] x 2
[Bonemare] x 2
[Corridor Creeper] x 2
[Malfurion the Pestilent] x 1
[Grand Archivist] x 1
[The Lich King] x 1
[Ultimate Infestation] x 2

If you would like to build this deck in Hearthstone you can copy the following string of code to your clipboard and then open My Collection and select New Deck, you will then be prompted if you wish to create the deck saved to your clipboard, just click yes.

If you have any questions about this deck or questions about Hearthstone in general you can email us at: HeroPowerPodcast@gmail.com or use the Contact Us form on this site and we will answer them on the next show.

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