This week Avanties and Zerotio discuss what moving Masters Tour Madrid up a month and a half could mean for the World Championships and we take a look at 32 more Scholomance Academy cards that were revealed this year.

News and Discussion

  • Scholomance Academy Release Date: August 6th
    • Private Fireside Gatherings can be scheduled for July 31 – August 3
    • Private Firesides can be scheduled by anyone and allow packs to be opened early.
  • Masters Tour Madrid: Online
    • Moved from December to October 23-25
    • Qualifiers Aug 6 – Sept 27
    • Final Tour Stop to Qualify for Grandmasters 2021
    • Discussion: Since this is the final Tour Stop in 2020, do we expect World Championships within the Year of The Phoenix?
  • Tavern Brawl: Just A Hallucination
    • These aren’t my beautiful cards, this is not my beautiful deck! Your deck’s overflowing with Hallucinations, go see how the other side plays.

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