Fire up that rumor mill, becuase if there is one thing the Curse Trials tournament showed us, Miracle Rogue isn’t dead after all. Much like the cat with the proverbial 9 lives, this deck just won’t go away. While Midrange Combo Druid was the most consistant deck at the tournament, Control Priest made a good showing as well. That being said, the two biggest surprises were how badly Dragon Warrior performed and how completely fun it was to watch the 15-year old prodigy for Team Archon tear through the competition with a Miracle Rogue for which no could answer. The tournament banned out the Naxx adventure and the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion, and played in the Conquest Format. While the final match between Team Liquid’s Savjz and Thijs from G2 was the best match of the Tournament, watching Amnesiac take people by surprise with this revitalized deck from most Hearthstone players’ Read More →

Hello Everbody!

So with the changes coming to Hearthstone, hopefully sooner rather that later, I though that we might take a moment to discuss 5 neutral classic cards that I think will re-emerge in the meta. Granted, this is all based on what will ultimately also release with the new set, but here are my bets for “Comeback Classics”.

[Sylvanas Windrunner]

In my opinion, no card in Hearthstone was more hurt by the appearance of Read More →

Hello HeroPower Listeners and Viewers!

I wanted to chime in on the shake up to Hearthstone that is coming up, but it is going to be from a fairly strange perspective. So before I start with my thoughts, some background into my recent state of living. As some of you may know, I recently suffered an “event” that we believe to be a seizure. I don’t know the details because as a result of the event, I have lost most of the use of my left hand (making typing this up a bear) and my short-term memory has been greatly effected. How effected? I remember what has occurred in my life anywhere from 12-36 hours prior to now. I remember a little before my event but between, say Jan 19th- yesterday afternoon, nada, zip, zilch. I have begun taking notes to help me, but it is hard to string together things. For instance, I bought Li-Ming with gold, evidently got her to lvl 7, but then forgot that I even had her. I played her for the first time that I can Read More →

Hearthstone Riot

Hearthstone Players upon hearing Ben Brode’s Announcement Tuesday!

So I want to talk for a moment about the announcement Blizzard made on Tuesday February 2nd.  We have had a few days to let this information process and I want to elaborate a little more from what we discussed on Episode 14 this week.  First and foremost I want to reassure the player base this is not the end of Hearthstone!  I have been seeing lots of posts in different communities on the web that all start basically the same way “R.I.P. Hearthstone, it was fun while it lasted!” or “Blizzard has ruined yet another game!”.  Let me reiterate this is not the end of days, I was there when Wizards of the Coast implemented formats in Magic: The Gathering, people were upset they would no longer be able to use their Black Lotus, or their Moxes that they had spent years or hundreds of dollars collecting.  A lot of those people traded off or sold their collections or just the cards that would no longer be used in the new standard format, those same people later came to regret those decisions when most of those cards shot up in price.  Now I know what you are saying, “That analogy does not Read More →


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