To borrow a line from Zerotio…So there I was…

If you listen to the show, you probably already know that I am a shark enthusiast, but as interested in them as I am, I have never had an encounter with one in the wild. While this wasn’t an actual “in the water personally” encounter, it was still very cool.

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Hero Power Podcast proudly presents the Finals of the June Tadpool Hearthstone Tournament.

After 4 rounds of Swiss the top 4 players broke out into a single elimination bracket. The Semi-Finals were all about the upset as the #4 seed Mattatarms beat #1 Nivelmaxima and #3 seed Avanties upsets #2 Nikkision for an unexpected meeting in the Finals.

Prize for this event was a $20 Card presented by Hero Power.

You can join the Tadpool Hearthstone Group by clicking on this link.