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From DreamHack Winter meta disaster to Mean Streets of Gadgetzan scatter, the meta has changed so quickly and violently that you may be experiencing Hearthstone’s own version of whiplash. I don’t know about how everyone else feels, but I love it. I feel like I can play just about any class, or any style of play, and have a chance to win. So, does that mean that the folks at Blizzard finally found the secret mixture to put out a balanced expansion? Only time will tell, but for now at least, it’s looking good so far.

I was working on an article after watching the DreamHack Winter tournament a couple of weekends ago in which Read More →

The phrase “Know thy Enemy” was drilled into my head while studying both Kung Fu and Aikido. I found the study of my opponents in Tae Kwon Do to be very useful in point sparring and also in Fencing. The general tendencies of virtually any fighter can be derived by easily noticed things such as the martial art they practice, height, weight, age, etc. If you want be be an effective fighter when you reach the more advanced ranks you have to Read More →


As I am finishing up watching this weekend’s Summer HCT NA Championship, I find myself asking if this weekend satisfied my thirst for competitive Hearthstone. I was startled by my revelation that I really don’t know. While there were some very well played games, and I love seeing the influence that the Kara adventure is already having on the tournament meta, I am still seeing great play and strategy at risk of being completely undone and overshadowed by RNG. I actually found the Batstone event to more entertaining and though invoking.

After the Grand Finals today, I took to Twitter to see what was being said about today’s final matches. While some tweets were congratulatory of the participants, I found that far more people were complaining about the state of the game. Most of the comments revolved around Hearthstone not being able to Read More →

The following “So there I was” post was sent to us by Mattatarms, who is a patron of the show, check out his incredible story below:

Turn 12 against a Token druid. I counted how may spells I had cast….4. My draws had been awful and I had been playing the best slow control game my tempo mage can.

I had no other play. His Druid of the Claw would eventually kill me if I didn’t deal with it or try to equal the board. So I dropped Yogg. Read More →