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So with the changes coming to Hearthstone, hopefully sooner rather that later, I though that we might take a moment to discuss 5 neutral classic cards that I think will re-emerge in the meta. Granted, this is all based on what will ultimately also release with the new set, but here are my bets for “Comeback Classics”.

[Sylvanas Windrunner]

In my opinion, no card in Hearthstone was more hurt by the appearance of [Emperor Thaurissan]. There just simply wasn’t enough room for her with all the other cards that were guaranteed to have an immediate impact on the game and the turn in which they were played. I believe now that both Dr. Boom and Loatheb are gone, you will see the lady of the dark show up in many more decks.

[The Black Knight]

WHAT?!? Virsica, you must be on drugs or something, Sludge Belcher and Annoy-a-tron are leaving no one will be playing taunts. Why would Black Knight be coming back NOW? You are such a n00b. Finished? Excellent, hear me out. Yes, some of the more prominent taunts are leaving the game, but also leaving with them are a great many ways to deal with early game and mid-game threats, so I believe we are going to be seeing more taunts as a way to deal with these threats. There was a time where there were enough taunts to warrant teching the beleaguered knight into most competitive decks. It’s how we dealt with mid-game tempo, hence why I believe The Black Knight will be the comeback kid very soon…even if he doesn’t bring all of his appendages.


See above. With the exit of so much early game aggression, and ways to deal with it, I believe that we will see the re-emergence of some taunt cards that have not seen much play in the past year. At a hefty (please don’t tell her I called her hefty) 4/5 and a divine shield to boot, I think this will replace Sludge Belchers in decks that need that mid-game taunt and want something will staying power to help protect their board state. Keep in mind, that pre-Naxx\GvG, she was in probably 70% of decks. I believe she will be again.

[Sen’jin Shieldmasta]

Taz’Dingo! I believe with the exit of Piloted Shredder at the #4 cost slot, and for the reasons mentioned in the previous two cards explanations, I believe that the troll will be the perfect way to stall early aggression and is always a great tempo play.

[Harvest Golem]

Deathrattle minions are going to be a little more scarce now, and I think early game stickiness will be even more important. the Harvest Golem trades well and is sticky. I think people will look to use it in place of either the Haunted Creeper or Zombie Chow. I know I always hate drawing a Zombie Chow late in the game, but at least drawing this card late game doesn’t feel as bad. It pairs well with cards like Flamtongue Totem and Defender of Argus, plus its Deathrattle makes it a solid target for one turn buffs like Rockbiter Weapon and Power Overwhelming to clear larger minions and still leave some presence on the board for your opponent to have to contend with on the next turn.

Some Honorable Mentions that I think will see more play with the changes:

[Cairne Bloodhoof] – There was a time he was considered one the top legendaries to craft. His deathrattle is still one of the best in the game, his slot is just saturated.

[Spectral Knight] – Super hard to deal with unless you like to trade. He was the staple for some of the early tempo druid and shaman decks. He is super hard to get rid of for priest. Can’t [Entomb] or either Shadow Word, you can’t even [Holy Fire] him. With the emergence of Control decks, this card is sure to be a thorn in their sides.

[Leeroy Jenkins] – Hits hard, great finisher. Slot is more open now. Nuff said.

Do I think these are the only cards that will see more significant play? Of course not, but I believe you will see these five re-emerge quickly. I am certain there are several more that, as we find out more information on the new set, will emerge to challenge for a spot in your Standard Deck. Until then, let’s have fun and speculate the daylights out of it.

See ya next time,


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