The following “So there I was” post was sent to us by Mattatarms, who is a patron of the show, check out his incredible story below:

Turn 12 against a Token druid. I counted how may spells I had cast….4. My draws had been awful and I had been playing the best slow control game my tempo mage can.

I had no other play. His Druid of the Claw would eventually kill me if I didn’t deal with it or try to equal the board. So I dropped Yogg. Flare, Divine Strength, Shield Block and Eviscerate on my opponents face later the Yogg was done and lived on as an 8/7 minion.


The cards drawn helped my terrible hand, and finally tipped the tables on the Druid who up until that point had been the one asking questions.

I started to take the offensive. Eventually the Druid dropped Yogg late, drawing out his already thin deck. The fatigue numbers started growing on his side, random directional arrows pointed at my face and I had no fear as the Ice Block i pulled from Tomb was still up.

He somehow got a weapon and went face, popping my block. He ended his turn, and knowing how deep he was in fatigue, I merely “Well Played” and ended mine.

His face exploded as he drew his last fatigue. I got my final win streak of the season as the icon changed from the Silver Ancient of War to the Golden Sea Giant.

Finally, Rank 5…


Thank you guys so much for everything you do.


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