Hearthstone Screenshot 06-21-16 13.45.22

Playing Arena and picking Mage. This time, I had a monster draft. Decent amount of Burn and, as show above, TWO Legendaries! That’s right, TWO! Illidan Stormrage and Archmage Antonidas made this Arena run fun and productive. With two Flamestrike and 2 Faceless Summoner, it made for some strong midgame, while I waited out a strong Illidan or Antonidas turn. This was a fun Arena run, making it my 2nd 12 Win arena run in my history of Hearthstone.

Huge thanks to Yellowdart and Wintermute for cheering me on, during my 12-2 Arena Run.

Here are some screenshots of my deck, as well as rewards.

Hearthstone Screenshot 06-22-16 00.26.03
Hearthstone Screenshot 06-22-16 00.26.10
Hearthstone Screenshot 06-22-16 00.26.50

  • Tom Steele

    Wow! Congrats, took me about a year to get my 2nd 12 win run.You got an above average amount of gold too, according to my small sample size of 2.

    • Zerotio

      Yeah, got my two 12 Win Arenas within 2 weeks of each other. Was hoping for the ever elusive 2nd Pack, but no luck.

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