Hearthstone Screenshot 06-09-16 21.52.01

I started the run with a solid first game win, but lost the next two matches against opposing Mage matchups. So, I was at 1-2, ready to concede the deck, but decided to push the next few games. Once I got to 9-2, I thought… “I can do this!” The last few matches were long and grueling, but I was able to “Reverse Sweep” the Arena, with 11 straight wins.

So, There I Was… Going 12 wins for the first time in Arena. As you can see from the image, I drafted a very Mech synergized deck. Not too much burn or early game, but very strong late game. I won most of my games at very low health, but once I hit turn 8 I got the mech-machine going and couldn’t be stopped.

Big shout out to YellowDart and Threndinir for all the support, during my run.

For those interested, here is a shot of my rewards.
Hearthstone Screenshot 06-09-16 21.52.22

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