I know, I know, the title of the article is far from original, but I like it just the same. One of the things we love to do here at Hero Power is to see the decks you are playing. We REALLY LOVE it when you send them to us and ask us to look over them! The deck below was submitted by one of our listeners.

The Decklist

As per my usual, I spent some time playing it “as is” in both Casual Play and Ranked Play. I had an average win rate of 52%. One of the things that impressed me the most about it was how strong the early game felt. The biggest problem of the deck was that after that strong start, it had a hard time finishing if the opponent was ever able to stabilize. As per my usual, I took the deck and altered it 3 times. Once with minor alterations, once with moderate alterations, and the once with only keeping a few cards and filling in what I would build with that skeleton. Below are the decks I created.

Minor Alterations – 49% – Honestly, I was pretty surprised that the win percentage dropped with the changes I originally made. It may have been matchups, but I played around 20 games in Ranked Play with this deck, so I think the percentage is probably sound.


Moderate Alterations – 68% – I was pleasantly surprised with how well this version of the deck performed. I played most of this version in ranked play as well.


Major Alterations – 54% – I spent more time in Casual Play with this version than the other versions, attempting to get a feel for the flow. I never really got there in CP, so I moved over to Ranked. The Ranked Play percentage was almost 60%, so this may be better than the numbers show.


The win rates were not quite as I expected this time around and I really enjoyed taking these decks for a drive. As always, matchups play a part in a limited test set, so these numbers are just guidelines. Priest appears to be very viable in the onset of this expansion. Time will tell if it will be able to handle the exit of TGT, BRM, and LOE. With all that being said, if you are wanting to play a non-Reno Priest but don’t know where to start, give one of these decks a try. If you want to see them piloted, I will be playing them in a few instructional videos for our Patrons, so if you aren’t a Patron of Hero Power, click on the link to the right of this post for instructions on how to become one. Until next time, may the Shamans always roll low.


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