Hey everyone I received an email from one of our friends of the show and he had wanted to get in on the live discussion we had during episode 25 about the nerfs to the 12 classic cards and due to time constraints we ran long and I did not get to give his great points the attention they deserved during the show so without further ado allow me to present “Deep Thoughts with AC”.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you would like to discuss your thoughts on the Classic Nerfs.

General impressions:

-For the most part, it’s pushing toward a much slower game. Let’s consider… totals across all nerfs we have:
1 fewer card draw
4 fewer minions with charge
2 fewer health (on a silencer/damager) and 2 more health (on a former rush staple) for net of zero.
11 more mana cost
2 less attack

All of this points to a slower game with more contesting on the board.

-On the other hand, control-oriented decks are also going to feel the hurt (Keeper, HootHoot, BGH, Hunter’s mark, blade flurry, and Molten giant – which will make handlock far less appealing).

Individual cards:
-[Ancient of Lore]: Probably a needed nerf, as the value of two cards for two mana worth of stats always made this above value. With the [Force of Nature] nerf, however, I think it was less of a concern.

-[Force of Nature]: You hear that thudding noise? That’s combo druid collapsing to its death. This is a huge nerf. I thought they would at least have kept some kind of charge mechanic as part of the card (either two instead of three treants popping out or a smaller attack value.
This card… well, technically it still has value (6/6 for 5 is good). But it’s so split up you run a serious risk to consecration, blizzard, etc.
It might be good in a tempo/value deck, but in that case, there are better options.
I know Zerotio will disagree, but I for one welcome getting 800 extra dust…

-[Keeper of the Grove]: Honestly, I thought it was fine the way it was. By the time you get to turn 4 or 5, you usually have something that can handle 4 health. And you include it for the damage / silence flexibility anyway, not because it’s some OP sticky minion. If it needed a nerf, it looked in the wrong place.

-[Ironbeak Owl]: Oh, HootHoot, we’re all gonna miss you. Guess I’m just going to put up one more mana for [Spellbreaker] and get another 2/2 of value from it. #YesIt’sThatEasy.

-[Big Game Hunter]: Helllloooo, draaaagons. The biggest change that will make control decks more appealing. It doesn’t completely remove BGH as a hard removal option, but it does become a larger drawback on board.

-[Hunter’s Mark]: Highly needed change. Should be bigger. I like 2.

-[Blade Flurry]: O… K… Well, I like that it’s to minions now. Getting a 7 damage weapon slap to face, then another 7 damage for 2 mana (plus a board clear) was a bit much.
At the same time, Rogue lost a major AoE tool with a class that already doesn’t haven’t much.
(Also, I got a golden Blade Flurry I’ve been holding on to. Yippie!)

-[Knife Juggler]: Not the nerf you were looking for. Yes, He’s slightly easier to take out with 2 attack, but it’s a combo minion, not an early threat. Nothing here changes that problem.

-[Leper Gnome]: This is more balanced, but 3 damage potential for 1 mana with no drawback (like overload in shaman) is still too much of a high-value minion. I’d like to see maybe the mana cost go up to 2 with these stats and text. That would put it on a par with [Novice Engineer] and [Jeweled Scarab].

-[Arcane Golem]: Wow, someone at Team 5 doesn’t like face hunter. This change results in an entirely different kind of card. I’d put this slightly below dancing swords on usefulness, now.

-[Molten Giant]: Yikes! Down to 5 health before a freebie. Probably necessary, given the increased popularity of renolock and, honestly, with cards like Cho’Gall and Spreading Madness coming in this set, the handlock concept might still be viable.

-[Master of Disguise]: This was probably on nobody’s watch list for nerf before WoG cards started to be revealed and we saw Scaled Nightmare.
Completely necessary after that card, however. Still not a bad value with Nightmare at that following the nerf….


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