Disclaimer: This is a soapbox post. This article is the opinion of the author and does not necessarily represent the opinions of the other hosts of HeroPower.

Those who know me know that I am not afraid to be different. I am not afraid to speak my mind. I am able to hold my tongue. I am able to not let the opinion of others affect my own. I can handle someone else having a different opinion than my own. All of that be said, I am disappointed at the lackluster reception for the new expansion that seems to be growing. Okay, repeat after me, “It’s okay to be excited!”. Alright, now say it again, and this time believe it. “It’s okay to be excited!”. After a great reveal day, and a great tournament, full of tremendous play, I see and hear a good deal of “meh”. Come on! REALLY?!?! Have we become such a community of cynicism that we can’t allow ourselves the luxury of becoming a little bit excited about some of the possibilities associated with the card reveals? Do we really have known all 134 cards in the set before we can look at something and say “Wow, I can do something cool with this.”? I know it isn’t “cool” in today’s internet world to look at something and be excited so we say “well, it might work depending on what else is in the set.” It seems to be from a fear of being wrong, or more importantly, the ridiculous value we place on “being right”. Well, I am not going to be that guy. Yes, TGT was a disappointment for most people, but how much of that was because GvG had altered the game to a point that there really wasn’t any room for new mechanics or new cards in the mana slots? Add in the fact that other slots had been sown up by powerful cards from other sets and adventures and did TGT really have a chance? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” or “Why experiment when I have this deck that kills someone on turn 6 now”. Both of those statements have valid points, and if winning really has become the name of the game, you can’t refute them. Luckily for us, Standard is coming, and many of the cards that have made these decks so powerful are leaving. Now that we don’t have to worry about those and we are looking for replacement cards it is time to ask an important question. Have we really taken the time to look at TGT with an unbiased eye? Have we taken the time to consider that if it had dropped before GvG, would we have a different opinion of the set? I know I hadn’t looked at it closely until recently, and I was surprised at some of the combinations that I saw. Do a lot of the cards work in a GvG dominated meta? Probably not as well as we would like, but they might in a meta without GvG, and that IS something to be excited about. It is almost like we will be getting 2 expansions with the switch to Standard and the Whispers of the Old Gods. If you are a Wild Player, then TGT will probably still be dead to you, but Whispers will taking you into account as well and it may have some interactions with a few of the TGT cards. To further that point, I feel like the card “Eater of Secrets” and “Stand Against Darkness” were made with Wild Format in mind.

Moving on to the other thing I have been reading about in the various forums and threads is the negativity surrounding the card “C’thun”. Everyone is complaining about having to play against “C’Thun” deck after “C’Thun” deck. Well, I have a few things to say about that, surprise, surprise, eh? First, yes, I think there will be quite a few people playing “C’Thun” decks running around in the first few weeks, but how is that any different from having to play against the constant Face Hunter and Secret Paladin decks you have been having to play against for the last 8 months? Just be happy you get to play against something else. Also, remember that there are several other Old Gods that will be thrown into the mix and I think that “C’Thun” will be much like Reno decks now, you will run into them, but it won’t be as many decks as you think. As for C’Thun himself, BE EXCITED if you want to. It is a cool concept and I think it will be fun to try to construct decks around him. Do I think you will be able to optimize a deck around him and take and easy ride to Legend Rank with him, no, but it will be crazy fun to try. I look at the new cards as they are revealed and I read what people are having to say about them, and I am surprised by both the apathy and negativity surround each one.

So I don’t know about you guys, but I am refusing to buy into the negativity. We are getting TWO, count them, TWO new expansions this year along with an adventure on the side. We asked for that. We now have 18 decks slots. You can complain about how we had to delete Basic Decks to get them, but really, who played with those after you unlocked all of them anyway. We asked for more slots, demanded more slots really, and they found a way to get them to us. We have asked for more variety and new mechanics, to shake things up and keep them fresh, and we are getting them. I think it is high time we stopped complaining, take a step back, look on Hearthstone with fresh eyes, and ENJOY the reveal process leading up to the FIRST of TWO expansions that we will get to experience this year.

Much like you are responsible for you own actions, you are also responsible for your own attitude. If you are excited about this game and you show it, then those around you will be excited. If you are constantly complaining or indifferent about this game, then the people around you will be complaining and indifferent. The community’s attitude spreads one way or other. So you get to choose. Are you going to be a poison, or are you going to be an Antidote. I am excited for the new expansion. I WILL be excited about these cards as they come out and I will be working them around, in my mind, and trying to pair them with the cards I already have and know about. I WILL NOT allow the opinions of others to dampen my excitement about the upcoming set because of how often, or loudly, they speak. I will not be like everyone else because I am afraid of what others will think, I will be me, and I will not let anyone else’s attitudes disrupt my excitement about the new set. I, and I alone, will dictate the altitude of my attitude. Enjoy the time leading up to Whispers of the Old Gods and embrace the change that is coming, I think you will find that the game is much more fun that way.


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