Don’t Worry, Be Happy… Hearthstone!

This week we are super excited to have Andrew from The Happy Hearthstone join us on the show.  We have lots of news to cover including: Free Cards, EU Playoffs, HGG Highlights, Wild tournament drama and more.

During the play portion of the show Andrew brings us a really fun murloc paladin deck. Read More →

Guenther Mage is all the Rage!

This week on Hero Power we discuss the upcoming changes to Hearthstone, including Playing with Friends and Deck Importing/Exporting.  We talk about a couple of HGG highlights from this week and a brief breakdown of some of the EU Playoff Decks.

During the play portion of the show we check out the popular Guenther Mage, also known as Discover Mage. Read More →

Hearthstone, Beer, Wings, and eSports?

This week we tackle the controversy that spawned from a reddit post written by our guest Qwerty97, about there being zero playoff locations in the Northeast United States.

During the play portion we check out an Echo Shaman deck submitted by Qwerty. Read More →

Shoop!… There it is!

On this episode of Hero Power we review Dreamhack Austin finals as well as the second Hero Power Patron tournament.  We also take a look at this weeks Hearthstone Global Games and give away $20 to a random patron.

During the play portion we check out a Paladin deck played by Shoop during his win at Dreamhack. Read More →