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From DreamHack Winter meta disaster to Mean Streets of Gadgetzan scatter, the meta has changed so quickly and violently that you may be experiencing Hearthstone’s own version of whiplash. I don’t know about how everyone else feels, but I love it. I feel like I can play just about any class, or any style of play, and have a chance to win. So, does that mean that the folks at Blizzard finally found the secret mixture to put out a balanced expansion? Only time will tell, but for now at least, it’s looking good so far.

I was working on an article after watching the DreamHack Winter tournament a couple of weekends ago in which Read More →


Going Wild with Ziggysera!

This week on the show we are excited to have Ziggysera from 1600 dust join us on the show.  We discuss Dreamhack Winter results, Last Man Standing vs Conquest format, and our favorite cards being released tomorrow in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

During the play portion of the show we get Wild with Ziggy as we play her Drood Food deck. Read More →