Zerotios Control Warrior

This week we have a lot of news to cover including Update 6.2, theories surrounding the new expansion, the HCT changes coming in 2017, World Championship group stages day 1, and much more!

During the play portion of the show Zeortio shows us his Control Warrior deck that he played in the HearthCoach patron tournament this past weekend. Read More →


Disco Dancing

This week on Hero Power we wade into the discussion surrounding Heroic Tavern Brawls as well as discuss North America Last Call and BlizzCon eSports Schedule.

During the play portion of the show we check out BBGunGun’s DiscoLock. Read More →


Happy Birthday to Us!

Hey Everyone, it has been a year since we started doing Hero Power and we are super excited to share this special show with all of you who have just found and joined us or have been with us since the beginning.  This week we talk about the Hearthstone Championship Tour EU Last Call and APAC Last Call, we also make a very special announcement!

During the play portion Virsica shows his mad scientist and we play his Nuke Shaman. Read More →


Put Your Faith in N’Zoth

This week we cover a lot of announcements made including Twitch Prime, the October ranked card back, the aftermath of the Patch 6.1.3 nerfs, HCT Summer Championships and more.

During the play portion with the recent nerf to Yogg we put our faith in N’Zoth. Read More →