The Old Gods Cometh

This week on Hero Power we celebrate the release of the 3rd expansion for Hearthstone, Whispers of the Old Gods.  We discuss the potential impact we have already seen of some legendaries as well as eulogize our final loss due to Standard format.

During the play portion of the show this week each host busts open 20 packs of Old Gods. Read More →

Predicting what will happen to the meta after Standard/Wild Format and Whispers of the Old Gods hits today is like preseason rankings in sports, or like trying to predict the weather in East Tennessee. Some things are so obvious that anyone can see it, other things you believe are a sure bet ultimately ended up fizzling out. We have already seen some of the changes to the Classic Set that Blizzard has instituted leading up to the release, but I think there will be more coming, Read More →

This week gave us a look at the much anticipated nerfs to cards in the Classic Set. The nerfs, and the exit of GvG and Naxx, herald the coming of Standard/Wild Formats in Hearthstone. While there has been plenty of dialogue on whether the nerfs were successful or not on the cards affected, let’s take a moment to talk about the cards that everyone thought would be nerfed but somehow avoided the swings of the nerf bat. Some of these are cards that I had heard rumor, from reliable sources, were being evaluated. I have also added a couple of cards that I thought would be nerfed as well. Read More →


Stalking the Shadows

This week we have huge news, the classic nerfs we have all been expecting have dropped.  Some of it we expected, however others were quite shocking.  We also discuss the Knoxville Tavern Hero Qualifier and eulogize a staple 1 drop.

During the play portion of the show we check out a fun shadow priest deck. Read More →

Hey everyone I received an email from one of our friends of the show and he had wanted to get in on the live discussion we had during episode 25 about the nerfs to the 12 classic cards and due to time constraints we ran long and I did not get to give his great points the attention they deserved during the show so without further ado allow me to present “Deep Thoughts with AC”.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you would like to discuss your thoughts on the Classic Nerfs.

General impressions:

-For the most part, it’s pushing toward a much slower game. Let’s consider… Read More →