Like, It’s Totally Totems!

On this weeks episode of Hero Power we discuss the Hearthstone APAC Winter Championships, the Insomnia Truesilver Championship 2, we also talk You Must Be This Tall To Brawl, listener emails, iTunes reviews and more! Read More →


Weaponized Turduckin

On this episode of Hero Power we begin a new 9 week rotation with looks at the new deck recipes.  We also discuss the European Winter Championships, silence, and this weeks Tavern Brawl – An Evil Exchange.

During the play portion we check out the deck recipe for Ferocious Beasts. Read More →

There is talk in the community about how [Tirion Fordring] needs to be nerfed and it got me thinking. Why? Everyone says that he is the most powerful class Legendary and is a no-brainer in any paladin deck list. Okay, I get that he is a powerful card, but I don’t think he is the most powerful at all.



Any silence mechanic turns him from Read More →


Getting our HearthCoach On!

This week on Hero Power we are joined by Dan and FRID from the HearthCoach podcast.  We discuss the expansion announcement, patch, the Winter 2016 Championships, plus we read listener emails, reviews and more.

During the play portion of the show FRID has brought a really fun SMOrc Warrior Deck.

For more about HearthCoach you can find them here: Read More →