I know the Naxx and GvG cards are leaving the meta, and since when is anyone and everyone’s guess, so I am finding it hard to put them in any decks I am considering for next month’s climb up the ladder. The more I started looking, the more I realized I am really only going to miss a few cards. Hard to believe it, but I could only think of a dozen, give or take, that I considered for most decks. I took a look at the neutral cards that have made a huge impact on the meta and tried to replace them with cards available now. The meta is still very different from where it was before these cards made their way on to the scene, but are the other adventures and expansion able step up to take the spots vacated by these powerhouses or will it fall to the classic cards to step back in and resume their old roles? While we watch the ill fated Naxx and GvG cards ride off into the sunset, well more like shamble off into the wild (see what I did there), let’s take a look at the hopeful few looking to reclaim former glory or a shot at the top spot for the first time.

[Loatheb] – Hands down the card I will miss most. As I said on last night’s show Read More →


The Miracle Returns

This week on Hero Power we discuss The Cursed Trials event and the 2016 Americas Winter Preliminary event. Hearthstone announces a new release cycle, Ben Brode has taken to streaming, and a new Standard Eulogy.

This week we discuss the re-emergence of Miracle Rogue.  Read More →


“Fear Makes The Wolf Bigger Than He Is.”

Most of us have heard this German saying at some point in our lives. We tend to fear change especially when that change concerns stepping from somewhere comfortable and into an unknown. The talk is still going on about the changes to Hearthstone and the split into the two formats of “Standard” and “Wild”. There is a very vocal part of the community that believes this will ruin Hearthstone, destroy it’s momentum, or that the “Wild” format will be a ghost town where only the scrubs go to play because all the “good” players will be playing to win in “Standard”. The truth of the matter is that we don’t know what Blizzard has in store for “Wild”. Heck, I don’t think Blizzard knows what it has in store for “Wild”, but Read More →

Fire up that rumor mill, becuase if there is one thing the Curse Trials tournament showed us, Miracle Rogue isn’t dead after all. Much like the cat with the proverbial 9 lives, this deck just won’t go away. While Midrange Combo Druid was the most consistant deck at the tournament, Control Priest made a good showing as well. That being said, the two biggest surprises were how badly Dragon Warrior performed and how completely fun it was to watch the 15-year old prodigy for Team Archon tear through the competition with a Miracle Rogue for which no could answer. The tournament banned out the Naxx adventure and the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion, and played in the Conquest Format. While the final match between Team Liquid’s Savjz and Thijs from G2 was the best match of the Tournament, watching Amnesiac take people by surprise with this revitalized deck from most Hearthstone players’ Read More →


Dreadsteed Reno Lock

On this episode of Hero Power we discuss Hearthstone’s registered users, the EU Winter Preliminary Tournament, listener emails and more!
This week we play a fun Dreadsteed Reno Lock and have someone scared of the power of Dark Peddler. Read More →